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Synapse Media are your one stop digital media developers. We originally launched ourselves in to the world of online media during 2003 and since then have never looked back. We have grown significantly ourselves and helped every single one of our clients grow their own businesses both on and offline. We have been an Official Adobe Technology Partner since 2009 and use Adobe Software for all our clients.

Synapse Media | Official Adobe Technology Partner

Key People

Chris Moore - Founder and Director

Chris Moore - Director

Well this man was meant to become a vet or forensic scientist until the computer age came along and quickly took away his life! Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and is currently studying his Masters of Business in Innovation & Enterprise. Chris has the knowledge of how to further your businesses online presence in terms of design, programming, management and marketing.

Chris has worked as part of project teams for corporate and government agencies in Perth, Western Australia such as Wester Power, Water Corportation, Woodside Petroleum, Ear Science Institute Australia, BHP Billiton, Minara Resources. Private and SME on the Project Management list include Capel Vale (Wine), West Surfing (Sport & Leisure), Aurenda (Injury Management), The Great Escape Charter Company (Holiday), Shortstay Properties (Real Estate & Holiday), Blackburne Property Group (Real Estate), plus many more.

Chris has also successfully launch 2 other businesses in the Entertainment and eCommerce industry, both in Australia and the US.


Fernanda Allen - Designer & Programmer


Fernanda is our master of VB.NET, XHTML and CSS. She currently maintains over 100 websites for some large companies based through out the US - yes it's a lot of work, but someone has to do it

Fernanda also speaks 3 fluent language including: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and secondarily speaks French and Italian. That makes Fernanda our in-house translator extraordinaire!


Laurent Huron - Programmer


Laurent is another one of our multi-linguist coming from Mauritius and speaking fluent French and English. Laurent is part of the team for his PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS skills and is our first stop when building a newly designed website for a new or existing client.

If you want you website up and running in hours, Laurent is the man for the task!


Rajesh - Programmer

Coming Soon